From the worldwide web, along came... Spider Fm. 

Crawling out of cyberspace and into your bedspace. Welcome in... the Spider. Just go online and you will be mine!

 Most, if not, all of your favorites are with us... Songs from the hard to find, to those that nobody mind...the seldom played, to the overplayed... from the never heard, to tunes that will make you tweet like a bird... pop, rap and hip hop to beats that will make you do the doo whop... rnb maybe, while you're doin' fb... 70s, 80s, & 90s and long before you sip your iced teas ...your fave new wave to songs that make you behave... Hits before you eat on a plate and before you even go out on a date. Listen to your laptop and don't even take a nap. Bring a snack but don't spill it on your mac. And we will make you chill before your every meal.

We are broadcasting live so please just click "listen live".

Spider Fm ...playin' the best pop, rnb, remix, 80's, new wave, and everything in between.

For your request and dedications, drop us an email at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING or post it directly in our chat box.